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 First International Art&Music Festival
"Hearing Art Seeing Sound"
Yerevan, Armenian
July 4 - 9th 2016
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  •  Composers write music on paintings.
  •  Life performance of the artists on music written.
The project will let the audience to experience Art through visual/audio sensors, enjoy the unique format of underground, row atmosphere of an abandoned factory.
The project has a unique format that introduces fine arts within different forms. For the first part we commissioned ten composers to write music inspired by paintings of Armenian contemporary artists. This choice was a selection of seventeen varying artists showing the broad variety of style in the Armenian art scene. Second part of the project consists of live performance from LeoLeo, Vahe Berberian(California, USA)Milanda  de Mont(Frankufrt, Germany ). Both parts will be concluded by electronic music from Adam Longman Parker (Berlin, Germany)
The main aim of the project
is to bring unity to detached art forms and experiment in ways of representing and approaching the works. This process will make our audience members and gallery visitors to: Hear music in a new way and see art in a fourth dimension, like watching a movie or ballet. Reimagine their approach of art, drawing them into a more spiritual atmosphere where they can just be with art. This will change the growing tradition of barely looking at a new canvas into a mindful and communicative approach. As music is naturally a temporal art, it is the perfect catalyst to create this space. The composers are the gatekeepers, opening the door to us; leading us to the possible messages left by the artists. 
Ben Lunn
Kristina Arakelyan
Evan Kassof
Bofan Ma
Yiran Zhao
Elischa Kaminer
Andrey Rubtsov
Justina Repeckaite
Andrew Crossley
Rahilia Hasanova
Moreover, the project “Hearing Art and Seeing Sound” will help the development of Armenian contemporary art by sparking off a dialogue between creative minds across the globe. 
All performances will be professionally recorded and presented  at the Dalan Art Gallery and on social media outlets. Meantime the compositions are already finished and some of them are being professionally recorded with a kind support of the composers which will be attached to the paintings during the exhibition at Dalan Art Gallery from 12-30 July as a conclusion of the project.

HASS FEST Progressive Art Agency

hearing art, seeing sound.
                       '' ...without barlines without borders... ''

This current project engages 10 composers with 10 artists. 

Our composers come from across the globe including the United States of America, Switzerland, China, Azerbaijan, and the United Kingdom.
The artists consist of leading figures and individuals within the Armenian scene including Arthur Sarkissian, Garik Karepatyan, and Sam Grigorian. These collaborations will lead to a week long event in Yerevan, which will include concerts, masterclasses, and an exhibition.
The conclusion of the events will be rounded off with the opening of the exhibition. A large concert which will feature all 10 of our composers, will be the start of a month long exhibition in Yerevan.

HASS FEST Progressive Art Agency
Arthur Sarkissian
Yevgine Martirosyan
Garik Karapeyan
Diana Hakobyan
Sam Grigorian
Gagik Babayan
Sonia Balasannian
Vahe Berberian
David Kareyan
Diana Hakobyan/Ben Lunn
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